About Creature Compass


Add, Find and Share Wildlife Sightings

What is Creature Compass?

Creature Compass is a new initiative combining social media with wildlife conservation. It is a global wildlife distribution repository where individuals can share wildlife sightings within the conservation community.


Why have we developed Creature Compass?

Due to the loss of habitat, human encroachment, poaching, climate change and invasive species, wildlife is not often seen in its natural habitat. Creature Compass aims to track and monitor mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and invertebrates in the wild.

Our aim is to:

  • Establish where wildlife can be viewed in its natural habitat
  • Contribute to research on rare, threatened and endangered wildlife
  • Track and monitor wildlife distribution
  • Allow users to share wildlife sightings and interact with one another


  • Create your profile
    Add your favourite sightings
    Find creatures and sightings

  • Find creatures and sightings
    - Search for creatures worldwide
    - Find who saw what, when
    - Track wildlife distribution
    - Monitor creature population numbers

  • Add your favourite sightings
    - Seen something amazing? Share it
    - Add your holiday wildlife sightings
    - Upload your best photos
    - Check out what others have seen and experienced

  • Create your profile
    - Share information about yourself
    - View your latest activity
    - Monitor activity on your profile
    - Upload, Find and Share sightings